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Independent republic on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, bordering both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean


May 1Edit

There are now 13 confirmed cases of the new form of H1N1 in Spain, including one case who had not recently travelled to Mexico [1].

April 29Edit

There are limited, and vague, reports that Trinidad Jimenez, the Spanish health minister, has announced the first case of Swine Flu in someone who has not recently visited Mexico.

April 27Edit

Spain confirms, Almansa, (reported in the Guardian) the first case of Swine flu in Europe.

April 26Edit

There are eight case reports from Spain, still under investigation by local authorities:

  • Almansa (Albacete): one case
  • Barcelona (Catalonia): one case
  • Bilbao: one case
  • Girona (Catalonia): two cases
  • Teruel (Aragón): one case
  • València: one case
  • Salamanca: one case



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