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The following is a list of countries and territories of South America, with links to official government websites, ministries of health, official bulletins, and policy documents pertaining to influenza A(H1N1), avian influenza, and pandemic preparedness. (Lists are to be located on subpages of individual countries, transcluded onto this page.)

For links to brochures, fact sheets, posters, and audiovisual presentations on influenza in over one hundred different languages, see Educational materials.

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Name in English and the official languages of the country Status and associations Influenza information sources

A Edit

Flag of Argentina Argentina – Argentine Republic
  • Spanish: Argentina – República Argentina
United Nations

B Edit

Flag of Bolivia Bolivia – Republic of Bolivia
  • Spanish: Bolivia – República de Bolivia
  • Quechua: Bulibiya – Bulibiya Mama Llaqta
  • Aymara: Wuliwya – Wuliwya Suyu
United Nations

Flag of Brazil Brazil – Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Portuguese: Brasil – República Federativa do Brasil
United Nations

C Edit

Flag of Chile Chile – Republic of Chile
  • Spanish: Chile – República de Chile
United Nations


Flag of Colombia Colombia – Republic of Colombia
  • Spanish: Colombia – República de Colombia
United Nations


E Edit

Flag of Ecuador Ecuador – Republic of Ecuador
  • Spanish: Ecuador – República del Ecuador
United Nations

G Edit

Flag of Guyana Guyana – Co-operative Republic of Guyana
  • English: Guyana – Co-operative Republic of Guyana
United Nations

P Edit

Flag of Paraguay Paraguay – Republic of Paraguay
  • Spanish: Paraguay – República del Paraguay
  • Guarani: Paraguái – Têta Paraguái
United Nations

Flag of Peru Peru – Republic of Peru
  • Spanish: Perú – República del Perú
United Nations

S Edit

Flag of Suriname Suriname – Republic of Suriname
  • Dutch: Suriname – Republiek Suriname
United Nations

U Edit

Flag of Uruguay Uruguay – Eastern Republic of Uruguay
  • Spanish: Uruguay – República Oriental del Uruguay
United Nations

V Edit

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela – Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Spanish: Venezuela – República Bolivariana de Venezuela
United Nations

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