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Ohio is a state in the north-eastern quarter of the United States.

One confirmed case in Ohio: Ohio's first case of Swine Flu was confirmed on April 26, 2009 in the Cleveland area with other suspected cases in Northern Ohio. On April 29 another probable case was announced in the Central Ohio area along with about seven suspected cases in Franklin and Ross county. The total number of confirmed, probable and suspected cases is approximately 13 across the state.

Ohio - H1N1 Flu first cases Edit

Ohio's first case Edit

On Sunday, April 26, 2009, the first case of Swine Flu was confirmed in Ohio. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a 9-year-old male from Elyria was diagnosed. The boy had vacationed in Mexico. (

The confirmation of the boy's illness prompted the closing of his school, Ely Elementary, because the boy had attended school the week prior to his being diagnosed. The school was cleaned, but health and school officials still closed the school as a precaution. (

Other cases Edit

There are currently four more potential cases, three in Loraine county and one in Wood county, according to WBNS 10TV (Columbus) as of April 28, 2009. Also, according to the same newscast, school districts in the Columbus area are on "high alert" for signs and symptoms of the flu within their communities. The largest district in Central Ohio, Columbus City Schools, met behind "closed doors" to discuss a potential outbreak. (

On April 29, 2009 in Franklin County a probable case of Swine Flu was reported by Columbus Public Health and the Franklin County Board of Health. The agencies did not give details about the probable case, but did say there are four to five suspected cases of Swine Flu in the county.

Ohio H1N1 Flu cases By county Edit

Below is a list of counties with suspected, probable, or confirmed cases of Swine Flu in Ohio:

Swine Flu cases by County (Ohio)
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