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New Zealand was holding its breath wondering whether a Rangitoto College party returned from Mexico might have brought the flu. Ten members of the group had tested positive for some form of influenza. After testing, it became clear that New Zealand was the first Southern Hemisphere country to have confirmed 2009 Influenza A(H1N1).

By early June, 11 cases had been confirmed. All had recovered and had not had a serious illness.

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May 12Edit

Radio New Zealand National news at 2 pm (0200 hours GMT) reported that the country's total confirmed cases of H1N1 stood at 7. All had recovered, and there was no indication that they had passed infection to anyone else. The number of "probable" cases remained at 12.

April 28Edit

Tuesday 28th April @ 13:42 GMT: A report on ABC news confirmed 3 cases of Swine Flu in NZ with a possibility that up to 10 had been infected. That represents the Southern Hemisphere's first confirmed cases.

April 27Edit

Radio New Zealand National news at 2 pm (0200 hours GMT) Monday 27 April reported that the Canterbury District Health Board had rolled out its 5-year-old pandemic preparation plan and that the Government had urged all recent arrivals from Mexico, Canada, or the United States to see a doctor immediately if they felt flu-like symptoms.


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