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Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico
Independent state in the Central America (mainland) region of North America
Cases in Mexico
Confirmed Suspected Attributed deaths Confirmed deaths
312 2,498 168 12

Black=Deaths Red=Confirmed Cases

Mexico was the location where the new strain of H1N1 was first identified, shortly before the United States. However, Mexico is not necessarily the source of the outbreak. Mexico’s Health Minister, José Ángel Córdova, announced that the source of the outbreak might have been a 4-year old boy in the village of La Gloria.[1]

Current status : Swine Flu easing[]

With the decreasing number of new cases,[2] and deaths[3] it seams that the swine flu in Mexico is easing. The virus, however, has shown that it's able to jump from area to area allowing it to spread across the world. It's not clear why there are more deaths in Mexico than in other areas, as there are multiple variables, such as a stronger strain of the virus or more exposure to it.[4] No definite conclusion at this time can be reached, however, the CDC reported that swine flu viruses in the US and Mexico match.[5]

Economic impact[]

The outbreak has caused more strain on an economy that was already under pressure from the current economic crisis. Although the World Bank said it would extend Mexico $25 million in loans for immediate aid and $180 million in long-term assistance[6] it wasn't enough to restore investor confidence leading to the peso’s biggest tumble in six months. It seems likely now that Mexico will have to draw on a $47 billion credit line from the International Monetary Fund.[7]

ُTime line[]

April 27th: Mexico has 1995 suspected cases of swine flu, with 20 confirmed deaths and possibly 129 more. [8] [9]



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  • Local doctor expresses doubts over effectiveness of anti-viral treatments and vaccines. [10]
  • US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced screening will begin at the US-Mexico border soon. [11]