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Documenting the current Flu outbreak with a wiki that anyone can edit

This is an emergency effort of volunteers from across the world:

  1. To rapidly coordinate various global initiatives to deal with the flu
  2. To provide a central place for efforts to contain the outbreak
  3. To provide reassurance to the afflicted

To accomplish this mission we must put in a rapid action force that is focused on supporting the initiatives, help coordinate containment and provide reassurance to the afflicted. Please involve your family, friends, colleagues in this effort to build an integrated Information system to deal with the flu.

As you know this new strain of swine flu was first identified in Mexico in April 2009. Cases have been confirmed across the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica and Germany. It has caused deaths in Mexico and one in the United States, but not elsewhere.

There are other suspected cases across Europe, Guatemala and South America. No cases have been reported in Asia or Africa.

This has the possibility of turning pandemic, so speed is of essence in dealing with the crisis.

Bookmark this wiki to stay informed, and share the link to help others get informed. This wiki is dedicated to sharing accurate information without scaremongering.

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Google H1N1

Map of Swine flu outbreak as of 2009-04-27. Click for more info.

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