Administrators and Bureaucrats are users on this wiki that have access to a few additional functions, to help them keep the wiki running smoothly.

However, anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing and creating templates.

A full list of user group rights is at Special:ListGroupRights


Administrators are still just editors of the wiki, and the main part of their job is the help other users; but they enforce the policy of the wiki, and occasionally need to step in and use their additional tools to solve problems. Administrators are not "in charge" of the wiki, they just lead by example.

Rights of administrators include deleting pages, protecting pages, blocking users, and editing the settings of the wiki.

Administrators are here to help you, so if you have any questions, just ask:

For a complete list of users with administrator access, see Special:Listusers/sysop.


Bureaucrats are Administrators with a couple of extra responsibilities. They simply have the ability to promote other users to Administrator or Bureaucrat status, and so are in charge of the internal management of the wiki.

For a complete list of users with bureaucrat access, see Special:Listusers/bureaucrat.

Wikia staff Edit

Wikia staff members have full access to all Wikia. They will be shown in Special:Listusers/staff on any wiki. Please use Special:Contact to contact Wikia staff.

Becoming an administrator Edit

For you to become an administrator, someone with bureaucrat access must make you one. See Project:Requests for adminship.

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