This simple, healthy advice is aimed at those in pandemic areas -- that is, in places where H1N1 cases have been confirmed. They are not an urgent necessity for those in areas where no cases have been found.

Please keep in perspective that this outbreak may prove to be no more deadly than the seasonal flus we normally face -- which still result in a regrettable number of deaths every year -- which have not prompted widespread changes in social behavior. Be safe, but be calm!

The Flu Code Edit


Flu Code 0.1Beta English - A Public Service from The Institute for Collapsonomics.

1) If I have any signs of possible flu infection I will stay at home.

2) I will stay away from crowds whenever possible and always wear a mask while in public places.

3) I will cleanse my hands at the doorway when I arrive at my destination.

4) I will encourage other people to follow these rules to protect us all.

We were talking about pandemic flu in late April and came up with this concept. It is still in development. The key principle is to protect each other by being responsible.
These rules should be followed by everybody in any pandemic-affected area.

WIRED's panflu primer mentions the Flu Code.

The original Flu Code blog post.
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